Winners Of The Glass Sellers Submarine Tankard

On 24th March 1987 the Court approved the adoption of the Submarine HMS Conqueror. This followed a suggestion from The Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet Admiral Sir John Woodward KCB.ADC, then Flag Officer Submarines and an Honorary Liveryman of the Glass Sellers Company.

The initial visit to HMS Conqueror by senior members of the Livery was in Plymouth on 4th September 1987. It was decided that an engraved glass Tankard be presented annually to the member of the adopted ship’s company deemed to have contributed most to the maintenance of the well-being and morale of the crew and their families during each year, being over and above their normal duties.

The Company has changed the submarine adopted as individual boats have been de-commissioned. The Award is normally presented at the new Master’s Installation Dinner in December, but that depends on whether the Submarine is away on active service. The first presentation was made in the presence of Admiral Sir John Woodward and Rear Admiral Frank Grenier, the then new Flag Officer Submarines.

DateRank and NameSubmarine
16.12.1987Junior Rate Radio Operator Andy WheelerHMS Conqueror
21.9.1989Chief Petty Officer (Marine Engineer Artificer) R.W.Lochhead (1988)HMS Conqueror
21.9.1989Lieutenant E Evans RN.HMS Conqueror
27.9.1990Leading Marine & Engineering Mechanic Colin ThorneHMS Conqueror
12.12.1991Leading Marine & Engineering Mechanic (M) Bernard HydeHMS Spartan
10.12.1992Chief Petty Officer (Weapon Engineering Artificer) Michael ConnorHMS Spartan
9.12.1993Petty Officer Writer Peter HardgraveHMS Spartan
8.12.1994Charge Chief (Marine Engineer Artificer) Duncan GowHMS Spartan
7.12.1995Charge Chief Weapon Engineer Artificer Lackford (President of Senior Rates' Mess)HMS Spartan
10.6.1997Operator Maintainer (Weapons Sonar Mechanic) Martin Hunter (1996)HMS Spartan
17.12.1997Petty Officer (Marine Engineering Mechanic(M)) T.V.PetersHMS Spartan
10.12.1998Leading Operator Mechanic Andy Hey on behalf of the entire Junior Rates' Mess.HMS Spartan
14.12.1999Petty Officer (Marine Engineering Mechanic(M)) Mark PughHMS Spartan
12.12.2000Charge Chief (Marine Engineering Artificer (ML)) John S.BeechHMS Spartan
13.12.2001Leading Chef John Culross Chef Andrew R.Milne
10.12.2002Chief Petty Officer (Marine Engineering Artificer) Dennis Hannah Operator Mechanic (Tactical Systems Submarines) Mark "Connor" Macleod
11.12.2003Leading Steward (Wardroom Mess) Paul A FinnHMS Spartan
9.12.2004Operator Mechanic (Weapons SM) Stuart CookHMS Spartan
22.3.2005Chief Petty Officer (Coxwain) Ian "Sticky" LeachHMS Spartan
14.12.2006Leading Chef Peter HigginsHMS Sceptre
13.12.2007Leading Seaman (Sonar Operator) Nigel "Shiner" WrightHMS Sceptre
11.12.2008Petty Officer Mark LewisHMS Sceptre
15.6.2010Chief Petty Officer Darren McMurray. (2009)HMS Sceptre
10.12.2010Petty Officer Iain SandersonHMS Sceptre
2011(No presentation as no active Submarine)
12.12.2012Warrant Officer 2 Scott RobinsonHMS Artful (Note: HMS Artful is shared with W.Co.of Glovers)
12.12.2013Able Seaman Grant WeaverHMS Artful
11.12.2014Chief Petty Officer (Weapons Engineer Submarines) & Sensors Group Chief Peter CoxHMS Artful
8.12.2015Warrant Officer Steve HoggHMS Artful
13.12.2016Petty Officer Marine Engineering Technician Mark BagnallHMS Artful
12.12.2017Leading Seaman Martin WilsonHMS Artful
2018(No presentation as sailing on final trials)
12.6.2019Petty Officer Medical Assistant Joseph DashHMS Artful
2020(No presentation as HMS Artful at sea)HMS Artful

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