Venues Used by the Company’s Court

(Note: Early Clerks often failed to record the venues of Court Meetings up to 1783. However, those known to be regular venues have been marked with an “R”.)

The George on Ivy Lane.6.12.1664 3.4.16663+
Joyners' Hall on Thames Street.26.4.166621.6.16662
The 3 Pigeons. West Smithfield.5.2.166710.9.1668R 10+
The Blackamore's Head. West Smithfield.21.2.166718.3.1669R 8+
The Woolsack on Ivy Lane.15.4.166923.9.16693
East India House on Leadenhall Street.4.11.166916.12.16692
The Great James on Eastcheap.28.4.167026.9.1672R 11+
The George in Newgate Market.15.11.167025.4.1672R 13+
The 3 Tun Tavern on Wood Street.17.1.17041
The Nags Head Tavern on Cheapside.25.2.17081
The Castle Tavern on Fleet Street.14.7.17093.9.17133
Plaisterers' Hall on Addle & Philip Streets.22.12.17091
The George on Ironmonger Lane.14.12.171024.9.1761R 37+
The Crown on Ludgate Hill.20.12.17111
The Greyhound Tavern on Fleet Street22.8.17171
The Antwerp Tavern on Threadneedle St.4.7.178323.9.1819151
The King's Head Tavern on Poultry.10.12.181925.9.1851122
The London Tavern on Bishopsgate.18.12.185124.3.187673
38, Moorgate Street. (Master's Office)18.4.186430.6.18642
41, Coleman Street. (Clerk's Office)26.6.18675.4.18702
52, King William Street. (Clerk's Office)13.12.187023.3.187619
The Castle. Richmond. Surrey19.6.18731
The Ship Tavern at Greenwich22.6.187620.6.189510
The Albion Tavern on Aldersgate Street20.12.187620.12.190664
58, Gracechurch Street (Clerk's Office)22.3.187723.3.191157
Cannon Street Hotel21.3.18781
Cathedral Hotel in St Paul's Churchyard19.12.18791
Forest Hotel. Chingford.18.6.18801
Hotel Victoria on Northumberland Ave.19.3.18961
Star & Garter Hotel. Richmond. Surrey22.6.189918.6.19032
De Keyser's Royal Hotel. Victoria Embank.20.3.190623.6.191530
13, Queen Anne's Gate (Clerk's Office)30.9.191425.9.192415
Simpson's Tavern at 100, Strand.16.11.191719.12.192939
The Criterion on Piccadilly Circus.25.9.19191
Skinners' Hall on Dowgate Hill.13.10.192018.9.20182
Carpenters' Hall on Throgmorton Avenue23.10.192117.3.20166
Clothworkers' Hall on Mincing Lane30.10.192310.3.20153
Sheffield University2.5.19251
38, Trinity Square. EC3. (Master's Office)31.5.19261
Savoy Hotel on Strand17.11.19261
Hotel Cecil on Strand20.3.19301
RAC Club on Pall Mall9.10.1930 1
Painter Stainers' Hall. Little Trinity Lane12.12.193015.6.201756
Leathersellers' Hall in St Helen's Place14.10.19371
Great Eastern Hotel on Liverpool Street17.10.19401
Royal Thames Yacht Club. Knightsbridge20.12.194019.12.19415
Connaught Rooms. Great Queen Street.27.3.19421
Innholders' Hall on College Street30.9.194225.9.194615
Vintners' Hall on Upper Thames Street18.7.194522.6.202135
Tallow Chandlers' Hall on Dowgate Hill25.6.194625.9.200389
Apothecaries' Hall on Black Friars Lane23.5.194812.6.201928
Armourers' Hall on Coleman Street28.9.19501
Saddlers' Hall on Gutter Lane15.12.195921.9.20172
Haberdashers' Old Hall25.3.196917.9.19814
Butchers' Hall on Bartholemew Close25.3.19711
Drapers' Hall on Throgmorton Street14.12.197123.3.20172
Stationers' Hall on Ave Maria Lane14.12.197213.12.202247
Cutlers' Hall on Warwick Lane6.1.197822.3.202225
Barber Surgeons' Hall on Wood Street2.7.198116.3.20058
The Guildhall & Crypt8.7.198227.6.199110
Grocers' Hall on Princes Street23.3.19827.12.20214
Glaziers' Hall on Montaque Close19.3.198511.6.20139
Middle Temple Hall, Middle Temple Lane14.3.19891
Master Mariners' Hall. HQS Wellington.20.6.19961
Pewterers' Hall on Oat Lane11.3.201421.3.20232
Dyers' Hall on Dowgate Hill25.7.20141
Ironmongers' Hall on Aldersgate Street24.9.20151
Haberdashers' New Hall at W.Smithfield28.9.20161
Fishmongers' Hall. London Bridge.13.3.20181
Merchant Taylor's Hall Threadneedle St.12.3.20191
Watermen's Hall4.9.201926.8.20212
Trinity House. Tower Hill.10.3.20201
Girlers' Hall on Basinghall Avenue27.9.20221

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