The Technical Award For Innovation & Excellence: Science & Technology

Originally, this award for specialist glass development was to be presented every five years. The first presentation was at the Mansion House Banquet on 28.10.1980.

In fact, the award has been presented whenever a new development has been considered worthy. The winners have been as follows:

1980Dr. J C Carling BSc.PhD.A reappraisal of mathematical modelling of flow and heat transfer in glass tank forehearths.
1986R J CharlestonBook "English Glass".
1986T Foster & Dr. S P JonesNew mould cooling technique.
1990Prof. G Neville Greaves & Dr. Adrian C WrightGlass forming liquids. Glass structure & gas solubility.
1993Dr. Philip H GaskellAtomic structure of glass.
1999Prof. Peter F James & Dr. Peter H LarsenGlassy sealant for solid oxide fuel cells.
2001Dr. Kevin Sanderson BSc.PhD.Self-cleaning glass.
2006Joseph VittoriaLargest glass fibre yacht - Mirabella V.
2008Philip Grainger on behalf of GKN AerospaceGlass fibre aircraft sensors.
2019The Engineering Division of the RNLIPioneering work on the design, construction, and robustness of Life Boats using Fibre Glass.

(It was noted in December 2014 that there had been no award since 2008)

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