The Ravenscroft Lectures

A Tribute to George Ravenscroft and His Legacy in English Lead Crystal

In honor of the pivotal figure George Ravenscroft (1618 – 1681), these informative, engaging lectures are held. An innovative figure in glassmaking, Ravenscroft is celebrated for his significant development of English Lead Crystal. His work, which began in the 17th century, continues to have a profound impact on the industry today.

DateLecturerTitle of LectureVenueMaster
Tues.12th Feb.2002Liveryman Dr. Peter E.RadleyInternet of GlassGlaziers HallKenneth Bacon
Thurs.13th Feb.2003Simon WhistlerOne scratch and the dumb glass speaksPainters' HallMartin Everett
Wed.18th Feb.2004Liveryman Professor John WhitemanSo you thought Mathematics didn't affect you, from Miscellany to Glass.Brunel UniversityJohn Whiteman
Wed.9th Feb.2005Liveryman Professor Brian ToftThrough the Looking Glass - a different view of managing risks.Glaziers' HallBrian Rawles
Thurs.26th Feb.2006Henry SandonA Potaholic looks in a Crystal BallGlaziers' HallJoanna Thomas
Wed.7th Feb.2007Andy McConnellThe Life of a Glass Evangelist.Glaziers' HallAnthony Hammond
Tues.9th Apr.2008Dr.Kevin Sanderson BSc.PhD.When I'm 'NOT' Cleaning Windows.Glaziers' HallWilliam Cook
Wed.18th Feb.2009Anne Margaret AndersonThe Mystery Lady Paperweight Collector.Glaziers' HallRobin Arculus
Thurs.13th May 2010Tim Morgan CEng.MIMechE.Glass in modern buildings - Looking through it is just the beginning.Glaziers' HallRichard Lawman
Tues.22nd Feb.2011Dr. Bob King MMC. FRAeSThe Magic of Glass - Concorde, Big Jets and Flat Panel TV's.Glaziers' HallMartin Scarth
Wed.11th Apr.2012Simon CottleWilliam Beilby and the Art of Newcastle Glass.Glaziers' HallVivian Bendall
Thurs.21st Feb.2013Liveryman Maurice W McLainStuart Glass?Stationers' HallGuy Harrison
Tues.18th Feb.2014Charles HajdamachMilestones and Masterpieces in British Glass Making - 400 Years of Genius.Haberdashers' HallAndrew Parmley
Wed.18th Feb 2015Rob Ireson of Glass Technology ServicesGlass at the cutting edge - Shaping our future.Bryan Cave LLP 6th Floor, 88 Wood Street.Gwen Rhys
Thurs 8th Sept 2016Hazel Forsyth FSA Senior Curator350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London & Tour of 'Fire! Fire! ExhibitionMuseum of LondonWilliam Knocker
Wed.1st Mar 2017Steven Roberts Innovation DirectorTransforming Barclays: The Glass Bridge Level 30Barclays Canary WharfPeter Rawlinson
Wed.3rd Oct.2018Liveryman Stephen Pollock'Shiver my Timbers and daylight Robbery' or from Mansell to DickensThe Bridewell Centre at 14, Bride Lane.John Poulten
Wed.20th Feb.2019Professor Roger Kneebone'Crossing Boundaries' How medicine, science & art can illuminate one another's practices.Middle Temple HallLeigh Baildham
Wed.19th Feb.2020Professor Paul BinghamFrom Antiquity to UbiquityMiddleTemple HallRichard Katz
Wed.26th Jan 2022Professor John ParkerThe Glass AgeMiddle temple HallBarbara Beadman

The Inception of the Ravenscroft Lectures

The first lecture to commemorate Ravenscroft’s contributions to the world of glassmaking took place in 2002. These annual lectures have since then turned into an established tradition, providing insightful perspectives on Ravenscroft’s work, the history of English Lead Crystal, and the overall field of glassmaking.

Each lecture is not just a time to look back and appreciate Ravenscroft’s impressive legacy, but also a platform to discuss ongoing developments in the industry, exploring how today’s glassmakers are building upon the foundations laid by pioneers like him.

The Continuing Influence of George Ravenscroft

Through these lectures, we celebrate not only the man, George Ravenscroft, but also the enduring influence of his profound work. Ravenscroft’s invention of the English Lead Crystal—a major stride in glassmaking—stands as a testament to his ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Just as Ravenscroft benefitted from the support of the Glass Sellers in his time, this lecture series is a reminder of the importance of collaboration, support, and shared knowledge in driving progress in any field.

Remember, the door to understanding doesn’t lie only in historic achievements, but also in acknowledging how those accomplishments continue to shape today’s world. Let’s look forward to learning and celebrating together in our next lecture!


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