The Glass Sellers Trophy

The Trustees of the Glass Sellers’ Charity agreed to the introduction of this trophy in 1981 following a proposal by Past Master Michael Nathan on 16.12.1980. The trophy is awarded to the engraver adjudged “The best first time exhibitor” at the Guild of Glass Engravers National Exhibition of members work.

Whilst it carries no cash prize, winning the trophy is highly valued as an encouragement to engravers, and several winners have subsequently achieved eminence and have been elected Fellows of the Guild. The trophy is retained by the winner, and it consists of a piece of glass on which is engraved the Glass Sellers’ Crest together with the winner’s name and date.

The Guild itself was formed in 1975 by a small group of professional engravers who wished to band together to revive the art and craft of glass engraving, which had largely died out in this country. Their objectives were to exchange information about the various different techniques of point, wheel and drill engraving, together with sandblasting, and the sources of supply of glass and tools, etc., and also to organize and run educational courses to encourage others, and to hold exhibitions of members’ work.

The founding President was Laurence Whistler, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother graciously consented to become Patron. The Guild was granted Charitable status in 1993. Past Master Michael Nathan heard about the Guild shortly after its formation, and then encouraged his fellow Trustees on the Glass Sellers’ Charity Fund to sponsor one of the Guild’s early exhibitions, and also to give financial support for its educational efforts with display boards and videos illustrating the various techniques. He also joined the Guild as a non-craft member and became a member of the Guild Council. He served as Chairman for five years, as President for a further seven years, and was then made an Honorary Fellow of the Guild.

The first Exhibition was in September 1981. The winners of the Trophy have been as follows.

1981Jacques Ruijterman
1982Tony Gilliam
1983Gisella Tarbuck
1984Audrey Leckie
1985John A Romney
1986Katharine Coleman
1987Nicholas Rutherford
1988No Exhibition
1989L Anderson
1990Pamela Stewart
1991David Pilkington
1992 No Exhibition
1993Julian Cole
1994Geoffrey Thwaites
1995Peter Russell
1996 No Exhibition
1997Amanda Lawrence
1998Susan Riley
1999 No Exhibition
2000Maurice Wilson
2001 No Exhibition
2002Lizabeth Sterling
2003 No Exhibition
2004Maciej Dyszkiewicz
2005 No Exhibition
2006Philip Dorman
2007 No Exhibition
2008Nancy Sutcliffe
2009 No Exhibition
2010Edmond Suciu
2011 No Exhibition
2012Hiroko Shoami
2013 No Exhibition
2014 No Exhibition
2015Guergana Subkova
2016 No Exhibition
2017No Award (Only 1 entrant)
2018 No Exhibition
2019 No Exhibition
2020 No Exhibition

Katharine Coleman, who won the Trophy in 1986, won a special award from the Glass Sellers at their exhibition in 2007 for the best exhibit by a glass engraver. It was a vase entitled “City Blocks”. She was awarded the MBE for glass engraving in the 2009 New Year Honours list. She was also the Master’s Principal Guest at the Court & Livery Dinner on 14th March 2011. She was granted the Honorary Freedom of the Glass Sellers Company on 11th June 2015 and became an Honorary Liveryman on 24th September 2015.

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