The Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award

This award was originally agreed on 23.3.1993 and is awarded for a piece of art essentially made of glass. It is only open to Glass Art Students presently at College or within three year of graduation. Entrants must be under the age of 30. The prize is £1000 with £500 awarded to a runner up. Starting in 2008, the awards have been made at the British Glass Biennale in Stourbridge.

The Winners have been as follows:

YearNameTitle of Piece
1994Ms Angela BruceSoiled Fabric
1995(No Award)~~~
1996Ms. Belinda Hornsey?
1997(No Award)~~~
1998Miss Lucy WadeShore Breaker
1999(No Award)~~~
2000Peter Guia?
2001Miss Sabrina CantUranium Earth
2002Bernadett Carcassne HegyvariPuzzle
2003Mark BickersGlass Bowls
2004Yoshida OkadoBack of my mind
2005Diana Dias-LeaoGlass Dress Collection
2006June KingsburyThe Fabulous Mr Fox
2007Ramon Beaskoetxea SansBullfighting
2008Timothy BoswellFiesta 2008
2009(No Award)~~~
2010Lisa SheppyCharlotte's Dress
2011(No Award)~~~
2012Vicky HigginsonAtarashii Chado
2013(No Award)~~~
2014(No Award)~~~
2015Haley HaddowOrinoco Flow 1
2016(No Award)~~~
2017Jade TapsonScale
2018(No Award)~~~
2019Calum DawesWitness 1 - 7
2020(No Award)~~~

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