The Glass Sellers Art & Craft Award

This award was started in the 1980’s and is for a piece of Art essentially made of glass. It is open to graduate and professional studio glass artists resident in the UK.

The prize is currently £2,500 and, since 2008, has been awarded bi-annually at the British Glass Biennale at Stourbridge. The runner-up receives £1000.

The winners have been as follows:

YearNameTitle of Piece
1983(No Award)~~~~~
1984Miss A Dickinson?
1985(No Award)~~~~~
1987Miss Alison KinnairdRing of crystal - Ring of stone
1989Miss Amanda Brisbane & R Pennell Esq.?
1991(No Award)~~~~~
1992Clare HenshawWhich way the wolf
1994Miss Keido MukaideWavy Bowl
1995(No Award)~~~~~
1996Ms. Gail D Gill?
1997(No Award)~~~~~
1998Miss Candida Charlton-ScotterHollow Carved Egg
1999(No Award)~~~~~
2000Miss Helen Bottomley?
2001Max JacguardLimb
2002Ms. Karen LawrenceGlacier
2003Miss Candida Charlton-ScotterCurved Egg
2004Ms. Alison Kinnaird MBE MA FGEPsalmsong
2005Anthony ScalaParaxis II
2006Colin ReidCello
2007Richard JacksonTriune IV
2008Bob CrooksVertical Vases
2009(No Award)~~~~~
2010Shelley DoolanIteration 456
2011(No Award)~~~~~
2012Colin ReidUntitled Colour Saturation R1646
2013(No Award)~~~~~
2014(No Award)~~~~~
2015Ruth ShelleyIndian Intarsia
2016(No Award)~~~~~
2017Heike BrachlowAnalemma
2018(No Award)~~~~~
2019Ian ChadwickMedicine for Garmonbozla
2020(No Award)~~~~~

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