The Glass Sellers’ Apprentice of the Year

In 2011, the City was focusing on Apprenticeships and our Master Martin Scarth proposed that we should sponsor an apprentice via our charity to be trained as a glass manufacturer. Sadly, the young man chosen to work at Poulten & Graf, did did not stay the course.

However, a second initiative was introduced whereby an Apprentice, selected by British Glass, was awarded the “Best Apprentice of the Year” trophy. (This was renamed “The Apprentice of the Year” in 2015).

As part of our involvement with the Glass Academy and Women in Manufacturing, we became involved in the selection process in 2013. From 2014/15 British Glass took over and produced suitably engraved glass trophies, certificates, and organised everything.

The Livery serves on the judging panel, makes the presentations, and issues invitations for the winners to dine with them in London.

The Winners have been as follows:

25.10.2011Matthew LeeBeatson ClarkMansion HouseLondonLord Mayor Alderman Michael Bear
23.10.2012Daniel UllahO-I UKMansion HouseLondonLord Mayor Locum tenens Sir Robert Finch
29.10.2013Mark CrottyQuinn GlassMansion HouseLondonRepresentative Lord Mayor Sir David Wooton
12.6.2015Tom CrossEncircMarriott RenaissanceManchesterPrime Warden William Knocker
25.10.2016Tom BagleyArdagh GlassMansion HouseLondonLord Mayor Lord Mountevans
15.6.2017Samantha CoolledgeSaint Gobian Glass UKRoyal ArmouriesLeedsLiveryman Barbara Beadman
22.11.2018Gareth OwenO-I UkMillenium GallerySheffieldLiveryman Matthew Demmon
21.11.2019Joe BoydSaint-Gobian Glass UKMercure CourtSheffieldAssistant Maria Chanmugam
12.11.2020Erin MillerEncircOnline Virtual Ceremony-Richard Katz


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