The Church of St James Garlickhythe

History. The Church is situated in Garlick Hill, London EC4V 2AF. It is within Vintry Ward. It has been a sacred place since 1100 AD.

The Church built in 1326 was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. This is referred to on a tablet on the left hand side of the porch at the West end of the Church, which states: “This Church was consumed by the late dreadful conflagration AD 1666. The foundation thereof was laid AD 1676. John Hinde & John Hoyle, Church Wardens.

It was rebuilt & opened AD 1682 and completely finished AD 1683. Captain John Edwards & Edward Payne, Church Wardens”. The work was carried out by the office of Christopher Wren, and it is now known as his “Lantern Church”. Below the above tablet is another which states “The Church was damaged by enemy action in 1940 and 1941.

The work of restoration was completed in 1963 and on the third day of October of that year the Church was rehallowed by The Lord Bishop of London in the presence of Her Royal Highness the Princess Alice Countess of Athlone. Maurice Foxell, Rector. Churchwardens W D Pryke, Douglas Copp, Ernest Mander, Ralph Lane, Ronald Copp.”

(Note: Douglas Copp and his son Ronald both became Liverymen of the Glass Sellers – Douglas on 14.12.1966, courtesy of W R Ide, and Ronald on 21.3.1973 courtesy of his father).

Rectors since 1900

  • ??.??.1893. Rev. Henry D Macnamara Retired ??.??.1914.
  • 10.12.1914. Rev. Benjamin Saunders Lloyd BA. Died 23.5.1923.
  • 16.10.1923. Rev. Edmund Thomas Robert Johnston MA. Died 26.7.1939.
  • 7.12.1939. Rev. Maurice F Foxell CVO.MA. Retired 31.12.1964.
  • ??.??.1964. Rev. Roy McKay MA. Retired 31.12.1970.
  • ??.??.1971. Rev. Donald Wyndham Cremer Mossman OBE. Retired ?.11.1984.
  • 14.7.1986. Rev. John Paul BA.ThL.DipLit. Retired ??.??.2000.
  • 7.3.2001. Rev. Dr.Alan Howard Foster Griffin MA.PhD. Retired 31.12.2010.
  • 20.9.2011. Rev. Guy Treweek (Priest in Charge) Resigned 24.7.2015.
  • 25.9.2017 Rev. Fr. Timothy Handley SSC. (Priest in Charge)

Donations to the Church.

A. In 1967, the Ide family, on behalf of the Glass Sellers, gave a Waterford crystal chandelier to hang in the center of the nave. In 1991, in a freak accident, a crane collapsed into the Church and destroyed the chandelier. The Glass Sellers then had the crystal chandelier replaced by Waterford using the original drawings.

B. On 23.6.2005, Past Master Philip C Feather (Master Glass Seller 1979/80) presented a framed oil painting of St James Church painted from the West by Alan Hardaker. It is 43″ high by 34.5″ wide, is on loan, and is hung in the Church Vestry.

C. On 9.5.2004, the artist Mrs. Steve Williamson (wife of Glass Seller Liveryman Mr. JPH Williamson (20.9.1977)) presented her original watercolor painting to the Church. It is entitled “Guests of the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers hurrying to the Winter Service in November 2003”. It was accompanied by her grateful thanks for the many satisfying Summer and Winter Services of the Company in which she had participated as a guest of her husband Liveryman Peter.

D. The 3rd of 8 new Royal Diamond Jubilee Bells (named “Charles”) was gifted by The Glass Sellers and consecrated on 17.6.2012 following their participation in the Royal Jubilee River Pageant on 3.6.2012.

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