Mr. John Abbott, upon taking the Master’s Chair at his installation on 14th December 1875, announced his intention to transfer £1,000 Madras Guaranteed 5% Railway Stock to the Company. The interest on this would be used to fund a perpetual scholarship at the City of London School, called the Abbott Scholarship in honour of the then-current Headmaster, Rev. Edwin Abbott Abbott D.D.

This scholarship, tenable for four years at either Cambridge or Oxford Universities, would give preference to the sons of the Freemen of the Glass Sellers’ Company, given all other factors being equal. The scholarship celebrated proficiency in classical and mathematical subjects. A photo of the Abbott Scholarship plaque at the school can be found on Page 10 of the 34th issue of The Glass Seller issued in July 2015.

The first interest on the stock was received on 1st July 1876, with further sums accumulating until the 1st Award was paid on 17th October 1877. On 21st November 1906, John Abbott expressed his desire to resign as Trustee, leading to the transfer of the Madras Stock to the Company. It was resolved that the Master and two Wardens of the time would become the future Scholarship Trustees.

John Abbott, on 23rd June 1914, expressed his desire to purchase additional stock to increase the Scholarship income back to its original £50 per annum. On 23rd December 1914, he informed the Company that his Brokers were purchasing a further £10 Madras Railway B Annuities. John Abbott passed away on 13th July 1917.

On 23rd June 1932, the Headmaster was instructed that the scholarship should henceforth only be awarded to a candidate who would otherwise be unable to attend University without the award. It was agreed that nominated candidates would be interviewed by the Renter Warden and Hon. Clerk.

In more recent times, the award amount has increased, with up to £3000 per annum being split among recipients. Starting from 2019, it was agreed that recipients could attend any of the universities within the Russell Group.

The recipients of the Abbott Scholarship are shown in the PDF below. Click to view the document:

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