Church Services 1908 to the Present


It is not known if there were Church services before 1908 but it appears unlikely. The first Hon.Chaplain was the Rev.Jordan R P Palmer who joined the Livery in June 1875 as a Clerk in Holy Orders from Streatham in Surrey.

As the first member of the Clergy to become a member, it appears that he was invited to be Chaplain to the Livery in September 1875, probably saying Grace at Dinners and prayers at appropriate times. He died in September 1885 and was replaced in December 1885 by the Reverend Arthur Dalgarno Robinson, who was Vicar of St Helens Church in Kensington.

The Service records for that Church are missing before 1926 but it is felt unlikely that the Glass Sellers would have attended services outside the City. The Rev.Robinson proceeded up the Livery and died in 1899 part way through his year as Prime Warden.

His widow subsequently donated the silver-gilt rose water dish that he had been intending to present to the Livery in his Mastership year. No new appointment as Hon.Chaplain was then made. In December 1907 Ernest E Wild became Master Glass Seller and in March 1908 he invited his great friend the Rev. Archibald Boyd Boyd-Carpenter to become Hon.Chaplain.

He was the Rector of St Olave’s Church in Hart Street, close to the Guildhall, and he was also Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty the King. It is thought the two friends then decided to start holding annual Church Services for the Glass Sellers’ Company.

Records of Services held are contained in the PDFs below:






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