Annual Banquets

The most anticipated event in the social schedule of the Glass Sellers organization is traditionally held at a prestigious venue. Attended by notable figures including the esteemed Lord Mayor of London and their consort, this illustrious gathering underscores the significance of tradition and unity in this community.

In attendance are a host of distinguished individuals, encompassing approximately 200 members of the Livery—an esteemed group of skilled artisans, merchants, and freemen. These individuals are joined by an array of guests who, like them, hold an affinity for the Glass Sellers’ longstanding history and its impactful role in the community.

This remarkable event, which has traditionally been held on the last Tuesday in October, marks a profound moment of shared appreciation for the values and bonds that hold the organization together. The occasion offers a unique platform to reflect upon and celebrate the contributions of the Glass Sellers to the fabric of the city. The presence of the Lord Mayor adds a distinct gravitas to the event, further highlighting its importance within the annual social calendar.

Filled with moments of joy, reflection, and a deep sense of community, this annual gathering of the Glass Sellers organization remains an essential fixture in their social itinerary. It symbolizes the enduring spirit of the organization, the strength of its community, and its unwavering dedication to the traditions of the craft.

BANQUETS 1927-1963

BANQUETS 1964-1993

BANQUETS 1994-2022

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